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As an insurance broker, we can offer almost all insurance providers in Germany.

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We take care of all the time-consuming communication with all your insurances.

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Back home, insurances aren’t really a thing so my parents didn’t know how to help me when I moved to Berlin. My university recommended muffin and now I’m fully covered!
As an expat in Germany, taking care of my insurances was always a struggle. Thanks to muffin, not speaking German is no longer a problem!
I deeply appreciate that muffin’s service is free! They took care of my insurance contracts, and all I had to do was sign!
Super friendly service and fast communication! Everything was explained to me with simple words so I was never confused!
First time I felt like I really understood what my insurances do and why I need them.  I would 100% recommend!
I wasn’t sure how to react when my bike was stolen but the insurance that muffin helped me chose a few months back covered my loss.
Thanks to muffin, I got better plans and understood which insurance I really needed.

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for all insurance topics

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easy-to-understand messages.
Simple and at eye level. english support.
all your contracts at one place,
without being lost.

Sh*t happens, but we are on your side! We support you with claims and paperwork.

without muffin

Comparison portals, weird offers and everything in German. You (and your translator) compare hundreds of offers yourself
Several services, many folders and letters. You have to take care of all your contracts yourself.
you have to make the claims yourself and communicate with the insurance company

body & health

household & belongings

life & savings