the easiest way to help your employees handle all insurance topics

start your employees' journey to an uncomplicated future with muffin - both free of hassle and costs.

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what’s muffin about?

muffin is the pocket-solution for all insurance topics for your employees; easy to use, fully transparent, digital and always available. It is easy to understand and the onboarding process is effortless: it is tailored to your employees.
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reduce bureaucracy and go digital

Integrate muffin in your onboarding process to focus more on your core business. Help your employees to get along with German bureaucracy and to feel save and sound.

attract more international employees

Pave the way for international talents. Take away all your employees' worries about insurance and pension.

increase employee satisfaction

Deepen your relationships with your employees. Be more than an employer and support your team members beyond the daily work routine!


Whenever our help is needed
- we are available 24 hours a day.


That is why we rely on state-of-the-art security concepts and are 100% GDPR compliant.

easy to

No implementation effort is required. Your employees contact us via via the messengers they use anyways.

how muffin works


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Together we will look at which offer suits you and your employees best. Based on your needs, you can add support, on-site seminars or webinars around the topic of insurance and pension.

get started

We onboard your company so you and your employees know how to get started right away and enjoy the benefits.

24/7 access

No matter what, we are always available from anywhere and will get back at the latest 12h after your employee's request.
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Our happy customers

We helped members from more than 100 different companies
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"At Techstars we see start-ups struggle with German bureaucracy every day. Luckily there is one pain point less, now that we have muffin take care of all the insurance topics. Founders and employees love it - and so do I!"
“At Fractal we hire mostly international talents. Getting them set up in Germany is quite a struggle. Luckily we have muffin take care of all the insurance topics for our employees - even before they arrive in Germany. This has proven to be a key success factor in the war for talent and I can highly recommend using their service.”
“At Ivy we have a super international team. muffin is helping our existing staff, as well as new-joiners with all their insurance stuff, which they were overwhelmed with before. This helps them to focus on the important matters - both in their private life and professionally.”


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