advisory & concept

The muffin concept

Our financial concept consists of three parts.
You can think of it like a muffin.

Your insurances form the foundation

They hold everything together and ensure that the shape is maintained even in difficult times.

Your investments for the future

The bigger your appetite gets, the more dough your muffin needs. This applies to both your personal and short-term goals (like a trip around the world), as well as retirement planning.

For that little extra

Your muffin is ready. If you're looking for that little something extra, you can refine it with a wide variety of toppings. Wether crypto, NFT or real estate – there are no limits to your taste.

Here is how we'll advice you:

The financial consulting at muffin runs almost exclusively via WhatsApp! No unnecessary apps or meetings. You can always reach us and ask questions if you don't understand something right away.

Chat just like with your friends

You can write with us as easily as your friends. We avoid long and complicated messages and rely on an open conversation with you.

Everything explained simply and pictorially

We explain everything so that you understand it. For this purpose, we not only send you simple messages, but also prepare content for you in simple graphics.

Only the information you really need

We don't spam you with unnecessary detailed knowledge. Finances can sometimes be overwhelming - that's why we prioritize for you and guide you relaxed through all topics.