You want to finally get into crypto but don't have a clue about it? Understandable! The crypto market is huge and confusing: there are more than 5,000 cryptocurrencies and new ones are emerging every day. Of course, this makes it difficult to get started.

How muffin helps you to get started:

Similar to traditional investments, there are two ways to invest. Actively in individual titles - which involves a lot of time, costs and risk. Or passively and thus broadly diversified across the entire market.
The passive solution performs equally well on average, is associated with less risk and costs and involves significantly less effort for you. For this approach we found the perfect partner: coindex.

Our recommendation

coindex is a Berlin-based company that operates with German licenses and is regulated in Germany. This brings security to a market that is often perceived as insecure. coindex has developed a kind of ETF for cryptocurrencies, i.e. an index that contains various cryptocurrencies and thus covers ~85% of the market. This means that you can easily get started without much prior knowledge, starting at just €1. And the best: Since muffin is a premium partner of coindex, you even get a €25 welcome bonus.
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