What makes muffin special?

Financial planning is about as exciting to you as your first crush's stamp collection?! We understand how you feel. And, to be honest: it probably won't get any more exciting for you with us. Only way more relaxing. We are not pushy, give you enough time for your decisions and focus on transparency and fairness when it comes to our products. For you, that means no hidden costs and our best price guarantee!

Are there any costs?

We also have to make a living. The good thing is that commissions in the insurance sector are the same for all providers by law and are paid by the insurance company itself. Our pension plan has no hidden costs of several thousand €. You only pay an annual service fee of 0.6% of your total assets. The same applies to our investment products. For 1000€ in total assets, this means 6€ per year.

I already have a consultant. Can I still join?

Of course! If you want to keep an existing contract with your current consultant, that's not an issue. We'll simply take care of the new ones.

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