Whether "better be safe than sorry" or "no risk, no fun" – everyone has a different need for security. The art lies in finding the perfect balance between over – and underinsurance, individually tailored to your personal circumstances.

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Below we've put together a list of what we consider to be absolute must-haves and what are more situation-dependent add-ons.


Health insurance
Job insurance
Personal liability insurance

Nice to Have

Household contents insurance
Accident insurance
Legal insurance


Term life insurance,
Supplementary health insurances (dental etc.)
Homeowners insurance



Health Insurance

A health insurance is required by law in Germany. It reimburses the cost of e.g. treatment for illnesses, accidents and maternity. There is a difference between public and private health insurance.

Statutory Health Insurance

Most people living in Germany are covered by statutory health insurance. The general contribution rate is prescribed by law and is currently 14.6% of gross salary. In addition, there is the additional contribution, which the insurers can set themselves. Both the general and the additional contribution are paid 50% each by the employer and the employee. Since both the benefits of the insurers, as well as the additional contributions differ, a review of your current contract is worthwhile.
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Private Health Insurance

Private health insurance is available in Germany, especially for civil servants, self-employed and employees with a gross annual income of currently at least €64,350. They often offer not only better benefits, but are usually also cheaper than the public health insurance. The insurers differ enormously in terms of costs and benefits and also the process of taking it out is often complicated. But don't worry: muffin finds the perfect policy for you, takes care of the complex process and makes everything as easy as possible for you. Pinky promise!
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Job Insurance

Job insurance is the most important insurance for all those who live off their earned income. Because the public pension for reduced earning capacity is usually not enough to live on. Current figures also show the importance of this: one in four people becomes unable to work at least once during their working life - and the numbers are rising! It doesn't matter whether you are unable to work for only a few months or permanently, in both cases you are covered. The most common causes are mental illnesses, physical problems and cancer. Important: The sooner you take out a job insurance, the better conditions you can expect in the long run. A good time is, for example, the start of studies or apprenticeship. 
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DI rejected what now? Unfortunately, DIs are rejected more and more often by the insurers. The reason is almost always pre-existing or chronic diseases. Also, the contracts for some high-risk occupations, such as roofers are simply unaffordable. Here are the alternatives, sorted by relevance:

Personal Liability Insurance

Personal liability insurance is indispensable. It pays for damages that you have caused. This can range from a few hundred € for a broken mobile phone to 7-digit amounts for physical injuries. Without liability insurance you have to pay the costs yourself. A good private liability insurance will also cover you if another person causes you damage for which they are not liable. In addition, it fends off unjustified claims against you. That should be worth the approx. 60€ per year for a good insurance.
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Household Contents Insurance

A household contents insurance secures your belongings. So everything that is in your apartment / house. Good insurances also cover e.g. bikes which are locked outside. It covers damage caused by fire, water leakage, storm, burglary or vandalism.
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Accident Insurance

Private accident insurance pays you a one-off amount if you suffer permanent damage as a result of an accident. Permanent means that you are expected to be impaired for at least 3 years and no improvement is expected. This insurance is especially interesting for children, pensioners or athletes.
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Legal Insurance

Legal insurance covers the costs of a legal dispute, e.g. lawyer's fees and court costs. A wide range of areas can be insured, such as personal, professional, traffic or residential matters. Important: If a conflict already existed before the contract was concluded, it is excluded from insurance coverage.
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Foreign Health Insurance

When traveling abroad, you need a foreign health insurance. Otherwise you will have to pay at least part of the treatment costs yourself in case of illness. It covers the cost of medical treatment, medication or medical transport abroad. Good rates only cost 10-20€ per year. If you are abroad for more than eight weeks, you need a special contract for long-term travel.
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Term Life Insurance

If you die, term life insurance pays a fixed sum to your dependents. It is therefore especially important if you have children or partners who are financially dependent on you.
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Supplementary Health Insurance

With private supplementary health insurance, you can expand the protection of public health insurance almost indefinitely. It covers costs that public health insurers do not pay, e.g. for dental cleanings, single rooms in the hospital, or physiotherapy.
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Homeowner Insurance

Homeowners insurance is a must for all homeowners. It pays for damage caused to the house by e.g. storms, fire, pipe water or hail. Additional coverage is provided by natural hazards insurance. It also covers damage caused by heavy rain, flooding or avalanches, but is expensive.
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In the insurance country of Germany, there is no insurance that doesn't exist - and we can offer you all of them. Just get in touch - whether you have a specific request or just a rough idea.
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