Private Pension & Investment

Whether it's dolce vita during retirement, an upcoming trip around the world, or the dream of owning your own home. No matter what you're saving for - investing your money well is the basis of it all.

How muffin helps you invest

At muffin you are the center of attention. That’s why we want you to get the best for your money. First of all we discuss your wishes and goals with you. If you already have investment products, we will analyze them for you free of charge. Finally, we create the ideal roadmap for your personal Dolce Vita.

The 3 Types of Saving:


State Pension

Paying into the state pension is mandatory for all employees. Freelancers and self-employed persons can also pay into the state pension through pension plans and the so called Rürup pensions. The size of your state pension is determined in particular by your average earnings and how long you have paid into it. State pension in Germany is on average about 40% of your last gross salary, which corresponds to an average pension of 1000€ net in Germany.  

Private Savings

In this category we summarize the most important forms of savings. These range from pension insurance to home ownership. Why do we consider them particularly important? Because they can be customized to you and, in addition to flexibility, they also bring the highest returns.  

Other Savings

Here we collect all the things you should rather keep your hands off and which we recommend only in rare cases. The subsidies and tax advantages may sound tempting. But poor returns, inflexibility and high purchase costs quickly undo these advantages.
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Our ideal solution

We want to combine the best of two worlds for you: the flexibility, diversity and low costs of a savings plan paired with the tax benefits of a private pension. In this form, this is unique on the German market. Access to such products is only available via selected partners and a completely digital completion and administration is only possible via muffin.

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