We're muffin and we've come to save you from sleazy insurance tricks and greasy financial advice.

Our Story

It all started 10 years ago when Tomas' mother became permanently unable to work due to an illness. Since she did not have occupational disability insurance, she was left with almost nothing: Because basic state benefit in Germany is only 540€ per year.

This encouraged Tomas to prevent other people from suffering a similar destiny. But Tomas had to learn the hard way that doing so isn't easy in Germany.

The focus of traditional financial "advice" is not the client’s wellbeing, but mostly quick profits through commissions and fees. In order to make a quick buck, advisors often exploit the ignorance of their clients. Not so with Tomas!

"Let’s make a change", he thought and the idea of muffin was born.

So what's the idea of muffin?

We simply want to make finance and insurance simple and make you feel good about your future. Trustworthy financial advice should not only be a privilege for the rich, but also you and me. With muffin, we make access to quality, fair advice as convenient as possible for you.

muffin is ...

easy & approachable

Financial matters concern all of us - that's why we see it as our duty to make the process as easy as possible for everyone. We communicate with you at eye level and in your preferred channels. We focus on you!

transparent & honest

"I don't know anything about finance and insurance" is still a widespread statement. This is no coincidence. The traditional financial world has little interest in you understanding it, because that makes it easier for them to make money of you. But that's not how it works with us! We inform and explain all costs and terms.

responsible & sustainable

We are aware of our social responsibility and happily accept it. Financial literacy should not be a privilege. At the same time, we make sure that our products are as sustainable as possible.