bike insurance

Designed to protect your bicycle, this coverage safeguards against theft and damage, providing support for repairs or replacement when needed.

top 3 facts

Bikes can either be covered by household insurance or via a separate bike insurance.
If only protection against theft is important to you, household insurance is usually sufficient.
Bike insurance can also cover damages to your bike e.g. through accidents or vandalism.


who needs this insurance?

You should get a separate bike insurance, if you don't have any kind of household contents insurance coverage, which covers your bike against theft. If you have a very expensive bike a separate insurance might also make sense to protect it against damages from e.g. accidents or vandalism.

how much does it cost?

The more expensive your bike and the more add-ons, the more expensive the insurance. For a €1000 bike insurances start at roughly €4 a month.

what does it cover?

The coverage depends on the plan you choose. Protection against theft is usually included. You can also protect your bike against damages from accidents, necessary repairs, vandalism, flaws in materials and damage to others which you unintentionally cause yourself.