private health insurance

Providing superior healthcare services through personalized coverage options, private health insurance enhances your healthcare experience with added benefits and flexibility.

top 3 facts

You can freely choose the benefits in your PHI tariff, which means that the best possible medical care is tailored to you personally.
For high-income employees and self-employed persons, private health insurance usually offers better value for money than membership in a public health insurance.
Monthly contributions are calculated based on your age, health status and desired level of benefits.


who needs this insurance?

Private insurance is available to:

  • Employee with a gross annual salary higher than €66,600 (as of 2023)
  • Civil servants and civil servant trainees
  • Self-employed persons
  • Students

how much does it cost?

You can freely choose the benefits in your PHI plan. The more benefits you add, the more expensive the plan gets. The price also depends on your age and health status at the time of entry. The average price will be €551 from 2023, 50% of which are covered by your employer.

what does it cover?

The additional benefits of private health insurance offer you some benefits such as:

  • Fast appointment - no more waiting for weeks
  • Chief physician treatment
  • Free choice of doctors and hospitals
  • High reimbursement of dental prosthesis costs
  • Dental cleanings
  • Alternative healing methods