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muffin, your digital insurance buddy who helps you manage, track and switch insurances.
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the solution for all your insurance problems

digital & independent

we can select from almost all insurance providers in Germany to find the perfect solution for you

flexible & easy communication

no matter where and when – you can contact us at any time, simply via WhatsApp

stress &

we take over all the communication and paperwork with the insurances for you, so you can focus on the living part of life

don't listen to us

listen to our members

I had a problem and muffin dealt with the insurance
- I love it.
Finally, an insurance overview that's really easy to understand!
Advice via WhatsApp - I've never found a suitable insurance policy so easily.
muffin makes sure I never have to deal with insurance topics myself. They are the pill for my insurance pains.
First time I felt like I really understood what my insurances do and why I need them. 10/10 recommendation....
With muffin, I didn’t have the feeling that it was all about trying to sell me some insurance but getting the best coverage.
Thanks to muffin, I got better plans and understood which insurance I really needed.

the easiest way to handle your insurance

We provide you easy to understand overviews and information. Our service is built on full transparency. Because only if you understand why we make a recommendation, you can feel confident and trust us.
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your pocket solution

for all insurance topics

with muffin

we explain insurance to you - simply and at eye level
one manager - for all your contracts
we make insurance claims for you to make sure that you get what you deserve

without muffin

you compare hundreds of offers yourself
you manage all your contracts yourself
you have to make the claims yourself and communicate with the insurance company

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With just a few questions we identify your needs and will get back to you within 24h.

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If you have existing contracts, you can upload them and we will check if they are up-to-date and whether there are cheaper or better options.

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Text us via WhatsApp and we will find the best options for you and your situation.